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Basic concepts on corporate governance - Gâf-Deac M., Damian Th., Iordache A., Preda B., Ștefan R

Electricity market - main factor for the operation anddevelopment of the national power system - Vaida V.

Technical and operational damage of warehouse complex and pipeline of natural gas in Eastern Romania - Gâf-Deac M., Jitea C., Opriş E.M., Ciuclea I., Micu V.

Contributions to the development of a model of eco technologic organization - Amza Gh., Dobrotă D.

Interdependence at the level of macroeconomic indicators in Romania - Ungureanu M.A., Dobrotă G

About the need of a paradigm shift for an efficient resurrection of Romanian mining industry - Iliaş N., Andraş I., Radu S.M., Gruneanţu I.

Concepts of economics and management of biochemistry and biophysics control structures - Marinescu I.A., Roșca I.P., Hurloiu L., Ceaușu D.M., Patraş I

Anthropic destructuring of deposits and pipelines for transporting the natural gas - Gâf-Deac I.I., Hurloiu I.I., Opriş E. M., Lăcătuș G., Bergheș I.A

The development through endogen status of the technical and technological changes - Gâf–Deac I.I., Țâu N., Drăgălin I., Gâf–Deac M., Nedelea M.M.

Alternatives of re-using the industrial post-operated perimeters - Bădău A-B., Preda B., Meruță A., Burtea E., Moldovan A-C., Bărbulescu A.

Modernization of natural gas storage in salt caverns - Bucur A., Opriş E. M., Scutelnicu I.P., Minciunescu A., Cioată C., Răileanu B.

European and Romanian general setting of health insurance and health sustainability - Marinescu I.A., Marinescu C.N., Ceaușu D.M., Zărnescu M.O., Coandreș C.

Privacy data under erosion of computational security in computing infrastructures - Gâf-Deac M., Tudor Şerban M., Gabriel M., Burtea E., Diaconescu Fl.





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