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 Aims & Scope

The Journal of Economics and Technologies Knowledge (JETK) is a initiative of Free Mind Publishing & the Knowledge Based Development Foundation

The initiative has a solid scientific base, as the founders are acknowledged members of the Romanian Academic Community. With more than 30 published books, more than 300 scientific articles and countless participation at national and international conferences, the founders will provide the base of a solid scientific journal for professional researchers, enterprises, public institutions, corporations & the international academic community.

JETK is opened for contributors (authors) from all over the world, acknowledging the global world we live and work in. We understand that progress is best achieved with collective and networking processes.

Subject Coverage


Knowledge production processes and research activities,
Knowledge practices, memory practices,
Collaboration, coordination, cooperation, partnerships in knowledge production,
New forms of research conduct,
New modes of knowledge production with knowledge infrastructures,
Design, development, and uses of knowledge infrastructures,
Sustainability of knowledge infrastructures,
Global operations management,
The impact of managing disruptive technologies,
The diffusion of new technologies,
Managing changing business models and ecosystems in emerging industries,
Strategic management of disruptive technologies and industries,
Intellectual property rights management of technologies and industries,
Managing new business models,
Applied macroeconomics,
Applied microeconomics,
Service operations and performance,
Product development,
Performance management,
Modeling and simulation,
Quality control and management,
Production and material flows,
Knowledge R&D management,
Inventory management and co-ordination,
Multi-objective optimization,
Business process outsourcing,
Aggregate planning,
Performance measurement,

Risk management,
Financing sources of entrepreneurial ventures,
Business performance,
Entrepreneurial intentions,
Entrepreneurship and business education,
Entrepreneurship and business and economic growth,
Social entrepreneurship,
Ethics and social responsibility,
Methodologies for e-government,
Enterprise architectures,
Business-IT alignment modeling,
Governance and policy modeling,
Technologies for e-government,
Cloud computing,
Interoperability and standards,
Knowledge management and decision process support,
Business processes management,
Data and network security,
Emerging technologies,
Workflow management systems,
Open source applications,
The shale oil and gas revolution,
Energy use and environmental impacts,
Alternative sources of energy,
New products/process and innovation for sustainability,
Multi-criteria decision methods for sustainability assessment,
Innovative business models for sustainable development,
Natural resources management,
Corporate social and environmental responsibility,
Industrial ecology and eco-clusters.

Publishing an article in JETK

At this stage all articles will be published for FREE, but in the future a fee may be charged for the review process.

JETK is a printed journal (around 200/month for the first 5 issues and 500/month after) and will also be presented ON LINE on this website and other various platforms.

We are currently implementing the software to index the articles in scientific international data bases, and soon we will announce the results.   

The printed version will be available to purchase from Free Mind Publishing at a cost of 64 lei (around 15 Euro) plus shipment fees.

The articles submitted must comply to our article requirements set so please read it with care.

The selection process is governed by solid guidelines and is based on peer review from our vast scientific board.

This is the start of a long and fruitful road towards knowledge, sustainable development and general progress through quality research and a solid academic climate.


Article Submission

Articles will be submited on-line, through e-mail. All articles must comply with JETK article requirements set. Soon we will provide an e-submit program.


Article review

All articles go through a double review system. We will contact to inform you about the review results between 2 and 4 weeks after submission.

Free Mind Publishing

Free Mind Publishing

The management of JETK is always looking forward to get in touch with anyone intersted in joining our projects. Please freel free to contact us at: info@e-editura.ro


Thank you!

General Manger